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Yoga for Everyone

The holistic health benefits of yoga are countless. Each time you practice yoga, you allow your mind and body to function at their full potential. At Anavrin, we are here to help you take advantage of all that yoga has to offer by teaching you asana, alignment, breath work to enable you to take Yoga off the mat and out into your busy lives to enrich day to day living.

Where traditional Yoga meets modern living,  Anavrin's classes include vinyasa, children's yoga, prenatal and

postnatal yoga, as well as yin yang yoga. With a wide range of public classes, private 1 2 1/groups, workshops and retreats we are able to make Yoga accessible for anyone looking to start their journey.  We stress the importance of overall wellness by also offering mindfulness and meditation classes. What makes us unique is that we bring our own take on yoga and meditation to the mat, at the core teaching from the heart and experience of personally living a yogic lifestyle. 

Upcoming Events

Sunday 19/01/2020

Sobell SC

Dance Yoga

Moving Meditation


Sobell SC

Putting the As in Asana

Understanding Glutes in practice


Spring Equinox Retreat

Cleanse Restore and Revive!

With Laura from Mind Nourishing 

Summer Retreat 19th June 2020

Weekend is fully booked!

Day passes and treatment details available soon!

Mission Statement

Because of our busy lives, we forget to include ourselves in the self-care process. Let us work together to find yourself while you lose yourself; body, soma & soul. By enabling you to follow the feedback of the different elements within you, You can start toGo where you flow. You are signalling to the world around you that you are not putting yourself first; self-care simply means ‘me too’.

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